CREATIVITY COACHING: Wanna work with me? Here is how!

If you are reading this, my guess is that you are probably feeling a bit of this:

“I wish I would have the guts to have a go at my creative/arting dream.” or “I really should make more time for it, take it more seriously.” or “I wish I could create (more) sustainably.”

If so, read on…At the moment there are several ways you can get involved with me 🙂 and get arting.

  • ARTING FB GROUP : This is a place for inspiration, encouragement and sharing our arting journeys, joys and (knee)jerks. Currently 50 fabulous fab members and counting. We call ourselves Artingesses 😉

Do join us at for Daily 5 Minute Micro-  Arting Prompt and free content  such as the…

  •  MY ARTING MONTH CHALLENGE: This is an ideal follow up from the week-long challenge. It goes deeper into creative unblocking and coaching techniques, provides accountability and support for your arting projects and process for a whole moth daily. Currently this programme is available as an e-course with a support FB group. Places limited, introductory price offer is 99 GBP at the moment until August 7th (the end of the Arting Challenge – get a free introduction/taster to my way of work). Launching on November 1st here.
  • ARTING AFTERNOONS: This is a focused tailor-made mentoring/coaching/art therapy/art tuition one to one  (or one to small group) offer. As the title suggests we get to spend an afternoon (or three hourly) sessions over a month together over Skype or in person in my London home/studio (currently under construction, so bear with me).

Some examples of what I can do for you/with you in that time together. This is about you and your arting and lives. I am here for you.

  • We can go through your current arting practice and see where it is/going, what you might want to explore, get tips, suggestions, unblocking tasks/exercises/practices,  even tuition (e.g. drawing/sketching techniques, pastels, photography) if so you desire. I can be a sounding board as well as constructive (always!) feedback.
  • As a creativity coach we can map out where you are creatively and how to get where you want/long to be in concrete action steps based on your bigger vision. Draw a road map and make sure you get going.
  • While arting, oftentimes issues arise. As an art therapist, I am here to help you resolve and heal these. Just ask me.
  • I have gone on the way from not daring to commissioned work and exhibitions of my work…walking my talk. I have recently moved countries…and am doing it again…in a completely new environment…walking my talk. Being an artist/educator/therapist/coach. So…pick my brains, use me. I am here for you
  • Currently I am charging 297 GBP for this service (2 hours of face to face focused work in one go or separately plus pre and post brief amounting to another hour) which is always tailored around your needs and wishes.

To purchase the above, head here. Thank you! Looking forward to arting with you.

Questions about any of the above? Do drop a line!

ALSO NEW: CONNECTION CALLS! Let’s get together for 30 minutes over Skype and talk about where you are at, how I might be able to help, pick my brains, for free, no strings attached. You might end up joining the group, you might want to try the challenge and/or sign up to the programme…or just get an inspiration/encouragement on the way.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST…ARTING ACADEMY ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP – with all the goodies in it. Check it out here.

My Skype ID is ircarodejnice, so feel free to arrange a Connection Call! I am in London, GMT/BST.